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Technical Information of the Bedrock Buster

As with any new type of specialized suction pump, there have been a number of improvements from the original prototype.

Some of the more dramatic changes include:

1) High flow velocity input

2) Low Mass One Way Check Valves

3) Directed internal flow control

4) Adjustable water vent valve

5) Detachable, gold collection cartridge

6) Everlast Suction Diaphragm

7) The Basic Model has 2 different lengths of suction wands.

8) The Platinum Model has 2 stainless steel suction wands.

9) The Platinum Model also has a non ferrous stainless steel pick probe for imbedded gold particles.

When the main suction handle is drawn back a number of things happen.

A large vacuum is quickly created inside the pump tube. With nowhere else to go the strong vacuum opens the internal low mass one way check valve drawing in both air and water through at a very high velocity. I have been careful to maximize input flow and speed. It is a lot like parking a non twisting tornado over top of your gold pieces inside of the bedrock crack. Flake and small nuggets are rapidly sucked up the suction tube / wand and shot into the recovery cartridge.

I have created for you 2 different versions of the Bedrock Buster depending on your needs.

Basic Bedrock Buster

Basic Bedrock Buster

The first model is a general purpose basic unit with two interchangeable suction wands. These nearly indestructible polypropylene wands have an internal diameter of 1/4". 12" & 18" lengths are standard with the Basic Model.

Platinum Bedrock Buster

Platinum Bedrock Buster

The second unit is called the Platinum model. This is designed for the serious miner who plans to empty cracks and narrow spots on a regular basis. It comes with a 6" by 11/32" stainless steel nipple and a 6" x 1/4" 316 stainless steel nipple.

These high strength non ferrous tubes offer an ultra high flow rate when gold bearing materials are sucked out of cracks and crevices. The Platinum unit also comes with the same 2 suction tubes as the Basic bedrock Buster and also includes a 30" suction tube. It also includes a pick probe made of high grade, non ferrous stainless steel. The angled pick probes are designed to "pick" or break free stuck gold pieces wedged in cracks. Also, their angle channels gold bearing materials right to the suction tube so you can suck them straight into your capture cartridge.

Originally I used galvanized steel suction nipples and the Bedrock Buster initially worked fine. But as time moved on, I was getting less and less gold bearing material in my cartridge. So at the end of a day I tore the pump apart to find out why I wasn't sucking as well as I should have been.

The steel suction tubes were full of black sand greatly restricting the flow and I don't mean jammed full. I mean the magnetic sand was attached to the inside of the steel tube. Over time, any ferrous steel tube magnetizes and starts to attract black sand (magnetite) to the inside of it. Yes, you could use a bottle brush and clean it, but the magnetic sand will just start to accumulate all over again. Stainless steel is a way better choice anyway. You can see the bright tip in dark bedrock cracks which allows you better visual control to direct your suction wand.

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