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Magnum Gold Hornet Suction Pump

The Magnum Gold Hornet has all the great features of the regular Gold Hornet:

- Fast

- Easy to pump

- Not classified as a power dredge - (some states prohibit the use of power dredges.

PLUS features exclusive to the Magnum Gold Hornet:

- Almost 3 times the sucking power of the regular Hornet.

- Can be used in wet or dry conditions.

- Interchangeable suction wands allow you to pull gold from very deep holes or rapids (safely). Standard 24" suction wand supplied with Magnum Gold Hornet.

- Fast change gold capture cartridges allow you to quickly work an area recovering more gold.

- 360 degree pivoting suction wand.

- Uses the Everlast 3" diaphragm.

Cleaning bedrock cracks has never been easier or faster. No need to stop after every pull of the handle to empty the suction tube. The continuous pumping means no need to constantly empty the tube, the gold capture cartridge will capture and retain 99% of your gold bearing materials.

If you prefer to work the base of waterfalls or rapids, the Magnum is the correct choice for you.

The key here is the industrial strength suction power. How much more? The regular Hornet is an excellent, highly portable gold suction pump. It has a 2" Everlast pump diaphragm versus the 3" Everlast diaphragm in the Magnum Gold Hornet. The surface area of the 2" diaphragm is 3.142 square inches versus 7.07 square inches of the 3" diaphragm. The Magnum clearly has over twice the pull over the 2" pump.

I am not trying to dissuade or discourage anyone from the regular Hornet. Both pumps perform beautifully for recovering all manner and size of gold pieces.

One is a construction hammer while the other is a sledge hammer. "The right tool for the right job".

It is up to you!

The Magnum Gold Hornet recovery pump.

Your Industrial Gold Pump.

Due to time constraints a very limited number of Magnum Gold Hornet Suction Pumps will be produced each month. Don't miss out on your chance to have a pre made Gold Hornet.

Gold Hornet Capture Cartridge

The Magnum Gold Hornet Suction Pump plans show you how to make the Gold Capture Cartridge and the completed pump includes one Capture Cartridge. If you would like to purchase additional cartridges please see below.

I have intentionally created these one of a kind plans with low cost and ease of building in mind. Every step is photographed, every action described. Don't forget I am always here to answer your emails. I SUPPORT WHAT I SELL!!

Solution Graphics

Description SKU # Price Purchase
Emailed Plans for the Magnum Gold Hornet
DVD Instructional Video with Bonus Free Plans for the Magnum Gold Hornet
#1431 $19.97
Magnum Gold Hornet (Unpainted) Mailed within North America (Now Includes Shipping)
#7031 $189.97
Magnum Gold Hornet (Unpainted) Mailed to Europe, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand (Now Includes Shipping)
#8031 $239.97
Spare Gold Capture Cartridge (Unpainted) Mailed within North America (Now Includes Shipping)
#7032 $46.97
Spare Gold Capture Cartridge (Unpainted) Mailed to Europe, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand (Now Includes Shipping)
#8032 $54.97
For all other destinations please contact us for a shipping quote
#9031   Ask for shipping quote

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