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Low Mass One Way Check Valves

I designed the Low Mass One Way Check Valves specifically for the Bedrock Buster. These jam resistant simple valves offer very easy, minimal pressure operation. The whole idea is that it takes a very slight pressure to open and close.

The only moving part, the rubber flapper, has a minimal seat area to rest against when closed. This is a little reminiscent of a car intake or exhaust valve in the engine. This is to minimize potential valve floating if carbon or debris gets caught under the seat. A single contact point achieves a seal while greatly reducing the potential of material holding the valve open.

The first internal valve is a simple setup. The valve is positioned just in front of the capture cartridge. It only opens when the suction handle is drawn back which creates a substantial vacuum in the primary chamber. The vacuum draws gold bearing material up the suction tube at a high velocity. At the same time, the combination of vacuum and high velocity gold particles rapidly rising up the suction tube easily forces the internal low mass valve open. The purpose of this valve is to prevent any gold loss when the handle is not being drawn backwards. It is the same theory as holding your finger on top of a water filled straw. The water is held in the straw by a vacuum lock (no air gets in).

The second low mass valve is on the outside and acts as a vent valve, purging excess water when drawing heavy materials out of bedrock cracks. The handle is pushed down to prepare for another upward stroke. That down stroke creates positive pressure in the primary chamber forcing air and water out the vent valve. This is also a minimal contact valve. Some lighter sand particles are also purged with the water, but the heavier black sand and gold is directed into the capture cartridge.

After reading this, a few of you might be freaking out at the complexity of the pump. Please don't. It is a very simple gold suction pump with only 3 moving parts, including the two loss mass valves.

When it comes to moving parts (mechanical): Simple is ALWAYS better.


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