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Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Sr. DVD

For a limited time only - Get the Fine Gold Recovery Pump Instructional DVD at a reduced price.

You Want the Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Sr and want to pay less? Become a subscriber and you can do just that!

When it comes to separating gold concentrates, nothing beats using a Fine Gold Recovery Bowl. Ultra simple design, very easy to use with no moving parts or chemicals to worry about.

Place your gold and black sand mixture into the bowl and turn on the water. The water flow whisks the lighter material off the heavier fine gold particles and into the center. The lighter materials and black sand are swept into a bucket underneath the recovery bowl.

The fine gold separation system is "oops" proof. Even if too much water flow is used, simply place the concentrates back into the bowl and wash again.

Not only does this separate all the fine gold, it also allows you to "grade your gold" from heavier particles to flakes to fine flour gold. The water flow into the recovery bowl determines it all. This grading feature makes your gold specimen size that you show off quite impressive when shown.

In addition, if you are working separate placer areas, you can quickly determine the coarseness of the gold for better mining locations.

I have made this gold recovery bowl to work with either a garden hose or a re-circulation pump.

***************See the Pump In Action***************

For a limited time only - Buy the Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Sr DVD at a special price. (Subscribers save even more).


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Mailed DVD Deluxe Instructional Video Package for the Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Sr. with Bonus free emailed Plans

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