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Deluxe Gold Mining Scale

You work hard for your mined gold! Don't get short changed by selling it for less than you deserve. At over $1600 per ounce a little flake or flour gold goes a long way.

A weight scale is a small investment that will quickly pay for itself the first time you use it. There are lost of scales out there but choosing the right one make a big difference to your bottom line. More importantly, the price of gold is expected to keep increasing over the next two plus years.

These small pocket sized digital scales offer extreme accuracy for the smallest quantity of gold. Another advantage is that you can switch from grams to troy ounces at the press of a buttom. So for the smallest amount of flake or flour gold you can measure down to .0005 of a troy ounce (2 or 3 flakes of gold). On power up your scale will zero and self calibrate automatically.

Are you finding gemstones when you are cleaning up your sluice box? This scale will also measure total carat weight at the push of a buttom.

Scale Features

- Simple battery operation (2 x AA batteries (included)).

- Ultrafine measurement sensitivity 0.01grams (100th of a gram).

- Maximum weight capacity of just over 7 ounces.

- The scale readout is in grams, ounces, carats - all at the push of a button.

- Auto power off after one minute to save battery life.

- Protective cover with quick on/off for fast operation.

- Auto calibration on power up.

- Now has "counting" feature".

- Has the tare function, which allows you to use containers when measuring gold. You can automatically remove the weight of the container before measuring the actual gold.

- Is it a little dark outside maybe at the end of day weighing? The backlit display make for easy reading in dim lighting or turn it off if not needed.

- Maximum measurement:

- 7 Ounces

- 200 Grams

- 1000 Carats

- 5 digit display

- Scale weight is a light at less than 100 grams (without batteries installed).

A simple, very easy to use digital gold weight scale. Extreme accuracy with portability. Make money weighing other people's gold. (Just a thought).

- Available with or without Gold Scale Calibration Weights.


Scales No longer available

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