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Gold Mining Rocket Stoves

“Do Any Thing” Stove for Gold Mining.

Most of us don’t make a connection to heat and gold mining.  After all, if they were to recover gold they wouldn’t stop to cook and eat until the end of the day when they want to eat “real” food and they want it hot.  They don’t want a can of fish or some beef jerky for a meal.  Yes, a camp fire can work…to an extent, but building a fire is a pretty major investment of time and risk.

How about drying your gold concentrates?  Using a magnet to draw out the magnetite works best when your concentrates are dry.  Some quick intense heat does wonders for both gold and your food (not at the same time).  When you want a fast, ultra-light weight stove that is super-efficient you need not look any further than the Rocket Stove.

My favorite method of cooking brown beans out of a can is to fill a can 1/8 full of water, wait till it boils, then dump in the beans.  This prevents them from burning and gives you some fast hot food.  Doing this over a campfire is messy if you can even do it.  A Rocket Stove does this very easily with almost no smoke, keeping your location private.  When you’re done there’s generally only a trace amount of ash left in the stove. 

What intrigued me was that it will burn almost anything for fuel; twigs, dry grass, paper, dry dung, wood (in its many forms), pine needles, dry leaves, dry weeds, cotton, hemp, dry stalks of dead plants, cardboard, tree sap, some liquid fuels (if you really must), bark from some trees and dry rot.

No Smoke Trail

You typically stay hidden while cooking your food and then you can be on your way when you’re done.  Due to the high heat of the burn there is very little smoke being produced for cooking.  This lack of smoke is typical of most well designed Rocket Stoves.  Only a small amount of ash is produced which can be quickly disposed of when you are done.  When someone comes into the area where you were mining / cooking, there will be no trace from your fire or your time spent there. (That is something I always prefer).  You can always tell if someone has been mining a particular location for a while by the ring of fire rocks and half burnt wood lying around.

You can’t under estimate what hot food will do for you when you’re in an emergency situation.  We picture hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest or even economic turmoil.  Those are extremes compared to what we’re used to but unfortunately they do happen.  Let’s focus on camping, winter survival and treks into the outback and you know the Rocket Stove will be there for cooking and comfort.  The beautiful part about this stove is the lack of time needed.  You don’t have to build a big campfire or fire-pit.  Just light, use and move on…nice!

What Makes A Rocket Stove so Good

Speed and efficiency!  It will burn almost anything and does so very well.

Fast delivery of heat, typically to a pot or frying pan, but it’s fast.

I design my rocket stoves for fast deployment and fast take down in almost any situation.  These stoves don’t need alcohol or other special fuels to work.  They just want whatever you can find lying around to burn.

  • You don’t need to bring fuel with you because you can use whatever is on hand.
  • Flash fires with your stove are normal, whether it’s purifying water or just cooking, it’s done very fast.  The microwave of the outback.
  • Years of reliable service either stored or in daily use.  Fast heat you can use.
  • Minimal footprint wherever you draw your fuel.  It takes so little to heat anything that no one knows you’ve even been there.


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