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Fine Gold Recovery Bowl

When it comes to separating gold concentrates, nothing beats using a Fine Gold Recovery Bowl. Ultra simple design, very easy to use with no moving parts or chemicals to worry about.

Place you gold and black sand mixture into the bowl and turn on the water. The water flow whisks the lighter material off the heavier fine gold particles and into the center. The lighter materials and black sand are swept into a bucket underneath the recovery bowl.

The fine gold separation system is "oops" proof. Even if too much water flow is used, simply place the concentrates back into the bowl and wash again.

Not only does this separate all the fine gold, it also allows you to "grade your gold" from heavier particles to flakes to fine flour gold. The water flow into the recovery bowl determines it all. This grading feature makes your gold specimen size that you show off quite impressive when shown.

In addition, if you are working separate placer areas, you can quickly determine the coarseness of the gold for better mining locations.

I have made this gold recovery bowl to work with either a garden hose or a re-circulation pump.

Why the Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Works:

1) It uses a simple water flow separation technique that is fool proof.

2) It allows fast grading of your gold so you can separate selling grade from the specimen particles. (This helps with mining locations when digging for gold.)

3) No more lost gold when you clean the concentrates!

4) No chemicals or mercury necessary.

5) FAST!

6) Saves time on refining costs.

7) Business opportunity to refine other placer miners gold.

8) Cheap to make.

9) No cost to use the recovery bowl.

10) Completed bowls can easily be sold at gold miners get togethers and flea markets. Make and sell as many as you wish.

11) Will separate gold and heavier gem stones from lighter waste materials.

13) It is just fun to watch your gold appear in to the bow. Not effort at all.

14) Makes a great example of gravity / flow separation (great science projects for kids.)

Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Kit

What you get with this kit:

- Precisely shaped and centered separation cone

- Lower Connection Adaptor

- Connection Nipple Adaptor

- PVC Water Control Valve

- Garden Hose Adaptor

The only material you supply is one 5 gallon plastic bucket and some PVSC glue. That's it!

- Very simple to make

- Designed to last for decades

- Capable of separating thousands of pounds of gold concentrates.

Fun to use!

Watch your gold band appear in the bowl as you separate out your concentrates.

No Longer Available. We are in the process of developing a replacement.

A new Fine Gold Recovery Bowl Jr is now available

The Re-engineered Fine Gold Recovery Bowl will be available in the next few months.

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