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Bedrock Buster Suction Wand

There is nothing more frustrating than leaving gold behind, especially when it is just out of reach. This is a common experience when it comes to gold in bedrock cracks.

Lots of recovery devices have been made but the problem with these aids is their limited productivity. It is almost like trying to move a sand pile with a toothpick.

My first attempt to clean these cracks and crevices was the Bedrock Buster. It works well, but, was limited to shallow wet suction only. I wanted to be able to pull gold out of dry bedrock cracks and openings under water.

The Gold Recovery Pump works wet and dry, however, the suction wand is too large to fit into the cracks and crevices. So to get one suction machine to do everything, I blended them together.

With the combined power of the Gold Recovery Pump and the suction tip from the Bedrock Buster you get the best of both worlds. Whether you are working gold rich seams in dry desert country or you are down by your favorite stream or river, these bedrock cracks will now give up their wealth...to you.

I am simplifying the whole gold recovery process so you only need a few tools to gather some very decent quantities of gold. With today's gold prices, the numbers add up fast. Any advantage you can give yourself is like a major pay raise. Heck, gold mining is a hobby where you make money. Not many hobbies do that. Like all things in life, it is the knowledge and correct tools that make the difference.

Best of all, these suction tips are very inexpensive to make but put you into gold rich areas that practically no one can reach. It is the simple things that yield the most gold. The reason gold gets stuck in bedrock cracks is because it is heavier than the surrounding rock and the water force blasts everything else except for black sand and the placer gold back out of these trap zones. Of course these spots are the hardest to mine the gold from unless you vacuum it out via a suction pump.

The larger dredge style pumps must have water to work and their nozzle is about 1 1/4" across making it impossible to get inside the bedrock cracks.

The Bedrock Suction Wand operates like a continuous, high suction extraction tool and with the right tip will penetrate down to 2 1/2' (30 inches) inside of challenging bedrock cracks.

You say the area has been picked clean? How about those bedrock cracks? I know a few guys who have sucked them clean with a gas power dredge below the water line, however, the nozzle only pulled surface material out of the openings, maybe 6 - 8 inches down.

My point is there is a lot of opportunity with the Gold Recovery Pump setup when it comes to so called unrecoverable gold.

- With the Gold Recovery Pumps 3" cylinder, you get fantastic suction with the Bedrock Suction Wand.

- It works wet or dry.

- It penetrates bedrock cracks down 2 1/2 feet.

- You are able to profitably work well mined areas.

- The dark holes and cracks are literally gold mines!

See the Bedrock Suction Wand in Action

Bedrock Suction Wand Video

Instant Download

Want a video to compliment your FREE plans? Watch the Bedrock Suction Wand being built right before your eyes with the Instructional Video Package.

Note: The plans are FREE. Purchasing and downloading the video is optional and does not affect the FREE plans.


I have intentionally created these one of a kind plans with low cost and ease of building in mind. Every step is photographed, every action described. Don't forget I am always here to answer your emails. I SUPPORT WHAT I SELL!!

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Gold Recovery Pump & Capture Cartridge (Unpainted) & 30" Bedrock Suction Wand Mailed to Europe, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand (Now Includes Shipping)
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